Pro-Life Ministry started in 2009 when Fr. Efren Tomas introduced and appointed Ku‘ulei Cagasan to chair this ministry. Ellena Borling was invited by chair to assist as co-chair where eventually Audrey Guerrero was invited and joined this ministry and together helped with the increase of 14 members today.

Praise God forever for the unifed and solid hard work from all members of CTK Cancer Ministry. We proudly report that we submitted the highest amount of scripts sold totaling $10,000.00. BIG MAHALO TO ALL OUR MEMBERS AS WELL AS TO THOSE WHO SUPPORTED US. Appreciation dinner was held in 2/2/2019. Succulent plants were presented to all members prese at our dinner. We are grateful an humbled for the presence of Fr. Ministry missed Fr. Gus and Fr. N prior scheduled commitment

The 7th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Interfaith Service was on Monday, January 21st from 5:15- 7:30 p.m. at Christ the King Catholic Church. This Special Service honored Dr. Reverend Jr.’s legacy of equality nonviolence, and faith while calling upon Maui’s Community to rise together for betterment of our future. A Special Guest presentation was delivered by Reverend M. Kalani Souza, a Hawaiian Practitioner, cross-cultural facilitator and a promoter of Social Justice. He is a messenger of integration and collaboration, while navigating economics and political pressure. His inspirational presentation challenged us to our greater selves.

Bereavement Ministry serves to assist the family of the bereaved. Bereavement ministers support the family in a caring and compassionate manner, and work to offer the following services:

  • Assist family with planning of the liturgy service
  • Set up the church for the service
  • Prepare and provide refreshment at the service
  • Clean and restore the church area after the service

All celebrations and events of Christ the King Church are documented with photos and captions. Posting of photos on bulletin boards in the church and social media, such as Facebook, following the event draws parishioners’ interest and interaction. Articles are also submitted monthly to the Catholic Herald newspaper. Albums of photos are kept in the rectory as well as on Facebook: Christ the King Church Maui

Message From Our Pastor

Aloha Sisters and Brothers,

Easter lilies bring out the new season and new life because Easter is all about new Life, Victory over sufferings and death.

Easter is the most important Feast for us Christians as St: Paul says, “And if Christ has not been risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain” (1 Corinthians 15:14)

Easter celebration remind us our Baptism and our baptismal commitment to renounce all evils and believe in Jesus Christ and all his teachings.

By our Baptism we share the responsibility in the church we come to worship every Sunday. We all have a part that we can do for the growth of the Church and our Faith. In our stewardship way of Life; there are four pillars that we must develop:

1) Hospitality: Which means welcoming everyone not chasing away people coming to worship the Lord.

2) Prayer: We must pray every day, join the prayers in the church. Not only for Masses on Sunday if possible daily masses. First Friday adoration and Novenas.

3) Formation: Learn more about our faith. Read Bible more often. Attend retreats and other classes about our Faith.

4) Service: we all must give back to God. Everyone is blessed with so much and we are expected to share with others what we are given by the Lord.

Soon we will have a Ministry Fair in our Parish, where you will be able to sign up in any Parish ministries or organizations that you can share your time and talents for the Lord. Please come and share your responsibility for the Church you have embraced by your Baptism.

Thank you everyone and May you all have blessed Easter season

Fr. Gus.MS


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