• Morning Masses: 06:00am, 08:00am, 10:00am
  • Spanish Mass: 12:00 noon
  • Evening Mass: 06:00pm
  • Visian Mass: 07:30pm (1st Sunday of Month only)

Weekday Masses

    • Morning Masses: 07:00am
    • Novena to Our Lady or Perpetual Help: 06:30am (1st Wednesday of the Month)
    • Benediction: 06:30am (1st Friday of the Month)
    • Holy day Masses: 07:00am and 06:30pm


  • Saturdy Vigil: 5:00pm




Message From Our Pastor

Aloha Sisters and Brothers,

Easter lilies bring out the new season and new life because Easter is all about new Life, Victory over sufferings and death.

Easter is the most important Feast for us Christians as St: Paul says, “And if Christ has not been risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain” (1 Corinthians 15:14)

Easter celebration remind us our Baptism and our baptismal commitment to renounce all evils and believe in Jesus Christ and all his teachings.

By our Baptism we share the responsibility in the church we come to worship every Sunday. We all have a part that we can do for the growth of the Church and our Faith. In our stewardship way of Life; there are four pillars that we must develop:

1) Hospitality: Which means welcoming everyone not chasing away people coming to worship the Lord.

2) Prayer: We must pray every day, join the prayers in the church. Not only for Masses on Sunday if possible daily masses. First Friday adoration and Novenas.

3) Formation: Learn more about our faith. Read Bible more often. Attend retreats and other classes about our Faith.

4) Service: we all must give back to God. Everyone is blessed with so much and we are expected to share with others what we are given by the Lord.

Soon we will have a Ministry Fair in our Parish, where you will be able to sign up in any Parish ministries or organizations that you can share your time and talents for the Lord. Please come and share your responsibility for the Church you have embraced by your Baptism.

Thank you everyone and May you all have blessed Easter season

Fr. Gus.MS


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