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Ahhh yes…Martha and Mary. One sister has a heart of duty and obedience, the other has a heart of love and adoration. How often do we approach our stewardship with a heart like Martha? Do we participate in various ministries out of duty? Do we resent the work that has to be done? Do we complain about the people who refuse to help? Martha clearly understands the need for hospitality, and she is annoyed that her sister is being so lazy!! Meanwhile, Mary is sitting with Jesus, listening to Him speak. She is attending to her guest with a joyful heart. Why don’t we approach our stewardship with a heart like Mary’s? Yes, there is work to be done, but the most important aspect of hospitality is attending to one another’s needs. Often we are “anxious and worried about many things”, like Martha. Discipleship should not be burdensome; it should stir up joy in your spirit.