Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, Bishop Larry Silva extends the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass to all the people of the Diocese of Honolulu and all visitors to the Diocese of Honolulu through August 31, 2020.  All who are able to attend Sunday Mass without putting themselves or others at serious risk of infection; are encouraged to do so, but are not obliged to.

If you are not sick or most vulnerable you  are welcome to attend Sunday or Saturday Mass. Be patient and co-operate with the ushers….wear your facemask at all times.

For those with passes you must inform the church office that you will not be coming to mass. Should you miss two weekend masses your seats will be given away to those who are on our waiting list to attend.

Those who have no mass passes and want to attend mass, you are welcome in the hall for the Saturday, 5pm mass or Sunday, 8am or 10am masses. If you insist on attending Mass in the church, majority of those masses are full and reserved but you may standby for available seats to open up. Please wait at the front door of the Church until all those with passes are seated. Ushers will then check if there are empty seats  available at that time. You may do this for all other masses before it begins.

For our 6am Mass, they are no available seats in the church; also there is no 6am Hall Mass being held.

We are finding that at all other masses there are usually a few seats available because people who have a Mass Pass do not show up and therefore these seats will be made available - at that time only. Ushers will then take your contact information before you are seated.